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Look through our wide range of innovative surface finishes.

Polished Plaster Grassello

Elegant Polished plaster noted for it's glossy marbled finish.


Fade to grey with the new urban creation Concrete.



Beautiful ornate Venetian plasters enhanced with metallic shot plasters.

Venetian Stucco

Venetian Stucco plasters are created from a range of classic super fine or rustically coarse stucco to give an antique effect. 


Marmorino - smooth polished plaster finish with movement between light and shade.

Travertino Travertino is smooth yet textured with the look and feel of natural Travertine.
Minerale Decorative Venetian plasters made with mineral volcanic sands, terracotta, marble powders & mother of pearl.
Mica Flake Glimmers of  mica flakes held within a raw plaster finish
Spatula Modern polished plasters which can be fashioned to impressive decorative effect.
Fantasia Fantasia is a unique decorative plaster for textured finishes.
Flooring Marmorino Seamless decorative polished plaster flooring.
Terrano Antiqued textured wall finish with further decorative styles from coloured waxes.